Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

P-17 From New Orleans Mardi Gras parades--Carnival Krewe Medallions: Rexvintage, Endymionvintage, Bacchusvintage, Irisvintage, Pandoravintage, Carrollton



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From Ne beadsw Orle beadsansSix Carnival Kre beadswe beads Me beadsdallionsthe beadsse beads we beadsre beads thrown at Parade beadss during Mardi GrasMe beadsdallions from the beads following Kre beadswe beadssBacchus '81Re beadsx EndymionPandoraIris '81CarrolltonNice beads Carnival souve beadsnirsFREE First Class ShippingQue beadsstions we beadslcome beads.I have beads a cat....he beads doe beadssn't smoke beads :)

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