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ITALIAN CORAL Horn Vintage / Antique CORNICELLOstrega, Amulet Talisman Lucky Charm Angelskin Pale Salmon With Gold Top



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Gre protectione protectiontings.On offe protectionr, a love protectionly old antique protection / vintage protection Italian Coral Horn, or Cornice protectionllo.The protection color of the protection coral is what I be protectionlie protectionve protection is calle protectiond Ange protectionlskin. I'd de protectionscribe protection as a ve protectionry ve protectionry pale protection shade protection of salmon. Ple protectionase protection note protection, that colors appe protectionar diffe protectionre protectionntly on diffe protectionre protectionnt monitors.(Color de protectionscription te protectionrms are protection my opinion. Ple protectionase protection ask any que protectionstions.)The protection swinging bale protection and ring are protection gold. The protection ring is marke protectiond "750", which indicate protections 18 karat gold. ** Ple protectionase protection note protection, the protectionre protection is a shallow flake protection off the protection side protection of the protection tip of the protection horn, Notice protectionable protection on inspe protectionction. Ple protectionase protection se protectione protection photo #10.Dime protectionnsions: He protectionight: Pe protectionndant is 1 7/8 inche protections tall, including the protection bale protection and ring. Coral alone protection is 1 1/2 inche protections long.Width: Coral is one protection quarte protectionr inch at its wide protectionst at the protection top. In ve protectionry good use protectiond antique protection / vintage protection condition.>>>>Photos are protection all e protectionnlarge protectionme protectionnts to show de protectiontail. I will se protectionnd it in small je protectionwe protectionlry gift box, re protectionady to we protectionar or give protection as a gre protectionat gift.***PLEASE NOTE: This ite protectionm ships only to the protection Unite protectiond State protections via USPS First Class Mail. This ite protectionm ships only to the protection 48 Contine protectionntal State protections. I am happy to combine protection shipping for small ite protectionms and je protectionwe protectionlry ite protectionms in the protection USPS Priority Mail flat rate protection box. *******Ple protectionase protection fe protectione protectionl fre protectione protection to ask any que protectionstions, I'll be protection happy to re protectionply :)Thank you for visiting my shop!

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