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3mm, 5 Stone Blue Sapphire Band or Anniversary



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This band contains 5 ge 3mmnuine 3mm blue 3mm sapphire 3mms. Me 3mmasure 3mming 3mm, e 3mmach.\rVe 3mmry vivid blue 3mm. Se 3mmt in ste 3mmrlling silve 3mmr, make 3mms this ring affordable 3mm.\rIf ring ne 3mme 3mmds to be 3mm re 3mmsize 3mmd it is an e 3mmxtra $12.00 plus this is include 3mmd in the 3mm re 3mmmounting fe 3mme 3mm to re 3mmse 3mmt the 3mmse 3mm stone 3mms.\rThis ring can be 3mm re 3mmse 3mmt in gold at the 3mm marke 3mmt price 3mm.\rRing size 3mm 6.75\rLayaway available 3mm.

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