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protection, MANO FIGA Amulet Charm Vintage 800 SILVER Protection Talisman Lucky Fico Fist Good Luck



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Gre talismane talismantings.On offe talismanr, an old cast silve talismanr amule talismant for luck and prote talismanction calle talismand a "Mano Figa".The talisman hand, "mano", is in the talisman sign of the talisman fig, "figa", with the talisman thumb be talismantwe talismane talismann the talisman inde talismanx and middle talisman finge talismanrs.This Figa carrie talismans with it multiple talisman symbols. Circling the talisman top, are talisman an anchor, the talisman numbe talismanr "13", a four le talismanaf clove talismanr, and a horse talismanshoe talisman. In addition, the talisman Figa itse talismanlf is we talismanaring anothe talismanr Figa around the talisman wrist!MARKINGS:The talisman pie talismance talisman appe talismanars to be talisman stampe talismand "800" on the talisman wrist for silve talismanr conte talismannt. I'm pre talismantty sure talisman that's what it says.It is hard to re talismanad, e talismanve talismann with magnification. So, this is how I think that stamp re talismanads.** This Figa is bright and shiny. As you can se talismane talisman, the talisman pie talismance talisman has be talismane talismann give talismann a se talismanrious cle talismananing and polishing by the talisman pre talismanvious owne talismanr!Dime talismannsions:About 1 3/8", not including the talisman jump ring.This is a solid and he talismanavy pie talismance talisman, we talismanighing 8.2 grams. It re talismantains its original patina, and te talismanxture talisman that come talismans from age talisman and be talismaning worn.Ple talismanase talisman se talismane talisman photos for de talismantails. This Mano Figa is in good, vintage talisman condition. Re talismanady to we talismanar! I will provide talisman it with a long black silky cord, in small je talismanwe talismanlry gift box, re talismanady to we talismanar or give talisman as a gre talismanat gift.***PLEASE NOTE: This ite talismanm ships only to the talisman Unite talismand State talismans via USPS First Class Mail. This ite talismanm ships only to the talisman 48 Contine talismanntal State talismans. I am happy to combine talisman shipping for small ite talismanms and je talismanwe talismanlry ite talismanms in the talisman USPS Priority Mail flat rate talisman box. *******I acce talismanpt payme talismannt through Paypal.Ple talismanase talisman fe talismane talismanl fre talismane talisman to ask any que talismanstions, I'll be talisman happy to re talismanply :)Thank you for visiting my shop!

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