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arezzo, Cornicello Hallmarked Arezzo TUSCANY Italy 800 Silver Horn AMULET Protection Talisman Charm ITALIAN Horn



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Gre arezzoe arezzotings.On offe arezzor, an old Italian silve arezzor amule arezzot for luck and prote arezzoction calle arezzod Cornice arezzollo, or Corno.The arezzose arezzo are arezzo all Italian variants of the arezzo word "horn", afte arezzor which the arezzo charm is mode arezzole arezzod. The arezzo Cornice arezzollo is an ancie arezzont Italian amule arezzot for prote arezzoction. This Cornice arezzollo is in "800 Silve arezzor" Dime arezzonsions:2 1/8" long, including hanging bale arezzo.Maximum width at top is approx 5/16"We arezzoight: 4.1 gramsMarkings are arezzo on the arezzo bale arezzo:~ "800" for 800 silve arezzor ~ 87 AR"87" which is the arezzo re arezzogistration numbe arezzor for the arezzo silve arezzorsmith/ company "AR" The arezzo hallmark has the arezzo le arezzotte arezzors "AR", standing for the arezzo Province arezzo of Are arezzozzo, Tuscany, Italy. Condition: Use arezzod, worn. Light markings.This pe arezzondant has be arezzoe arezzon oft worn, and also we arezzoll care arezzod for. It re arezzotains its original tarnish, patina, and te arezzoxture arezzo and markings that come arezzo from age arezzo and be arezzoing worn.This Corno is in good, vintage arezzo condition. Re arezzoady to we arezzoar! I will se arezzond it with a long black silky cord in small je arezzowe arezzolry gift box, re arezzoady to we arezzoar or give arezzo as a gre arezzoat gift.***PLEASE NOTE: This ite arezzom ships only to the arezzo Unite arezzod State arezzos via USPS First Class Mail. This ite arezzom ships only to the arezzo 48 Contine arezzontal State arezzos. I am happy to combine arezzo shipping for small ite arezzoms and je arezzowe arezzolry ite arezzoms in the arezzo USPS Priority Mail flat rate arezzo box. *******I acce arezzopt payme arezzont through Paypal.Ple arezzoase arezzo fe arezzoe arezzol fre arezzoe arezzo to ask any que arezzostions, I'll be arezzo happy to re arezzoply :)Thank you for visiting my shop!

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