Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage necklace, Vintage BOHEMIAN GARNET Continuous Cluster Necklace- Natural Gems - Pyrope Garnets - Estate Jewels - Pristine Condition - Multi Shaped Bead



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ANTIQUE GEMSTONE BOHEMIAN GARNET CONTINUOUS CLUSTER NECKLACE GODDESSANDCO is ple vintage necklacease vintage necklaced to offe vintage necklacer for sale vintage necklace this fabulous vintage vintage necklace Continuous Bohe vintage necklacemian garne vintage necklacet cluste vintage necklacer ne vintage necklacecklace vintage necklace fe vintage necklaceaturing be vintage necklaceautifully polishe vintage necklaced cluste vintage necklacers of dark re vintage necklaced pyrope vintage necklace garne vintage necklacets that alte vintage necklacernate vintage necklace with diamond shape vintage necklaced flat garne vintage necklacet be vintage necklaceads and smooth round be vintage necklaceads. The vintage necklace contrast be vintage necklacetwe vintage necklacee vintage necklacen the vintage necklace cluste vintage necklacer of round be vintage necklaceads with the vintage necklace flat top table vintage necklace diamond shape vintage necklaced be vintage necklaceads cre vintage necklaceate vintage necklaces a be vintage necklaceautiful station ne vintage necklacecklace vintage necklace. A stunning look that will add to any outfit.Exce vintage necklacelle vintage necklacent ConditionSIZE: 26 inche vintage necklaces longWEIGHT: 52.19 Total gram we vintage necklaceightMEASUREMENT: Cluste vintage necklacers are vintage necklace 10 mm in diame vintage necklacete vintage necklacer, round be vintage necklaceads are vintage necklace 5 mm in diame vintage necklacete vintage necklacer and the vintage necklace diamond shape vintage necklaces 7 mm wide vintage necklace.*

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