Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

5 stone, White Sapphire Wedding/Anniversary Band



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Each ge 14ktnuine 14kt sapphire 14kt is 3mm. The 14ktre 14kt are 14kt 5 ge 14ktnuine 14kt white 14kt sapphire 14kt The 14ktse 14kt little 14kt stone 14kts come 14kt from Sri Lanka.Se 14kttting is of ste 14ktrling silve 14ktr and Rhodium coate 14ktd for high shine 14kt and prote 14ktction. The 14kt ring se 14ktt, in the 14kt 2nd photo, is just to give 14kt you an ide 14kta as to what it would look like 14kt with anothe 14ktr ring.This ring can be 14kt se 14ktt in 14kt white 14kt gold or ye 14ktllow gold for the 14kt marke 14ktt price 14kt. as we 14ktllAllow 1 we 14kte 14ktk as this is a Made 14kt To Orde 14ktr Ring.

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