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pendant, Preciosa Vintage Pendants Czech 15x9mm Top drilled CRAFT Pack of 4 Jonquil AB



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Pre pendantciosa Top drille pendantd 15x9mm Pe pendantndants Pack of 4 in a stunning shade pendant of Jonquil ABOffe pendantre pendantd for sale pendant is a pack of 4 stunning top drille pendantd pe pendantndants by Pre pendantciosa. The pendanty are pendant Cze pendantch and in a stunning shade pendant of Jonquil ABThe pendantse pendant have pendant unlimite pendantd applications in craft and de pendantsign and would make pendant stunning dangly e pendantarrings.The pendanty are pendant be pendantautiful classic and pe pendantrfe pendantct for any occasion.The pendantse pendant will be pendant se pendantnt by Royal Mail standard which doe pendants not e pendantnable pendant me pendant to provide pendant a tracking numbe pendantr.Should you want me pendant to use pendant tracke pendantd post ple pendantase pendant contact me pendant as the pendantre pendant will be pendant a furthe pendantr charge pendant.Ple pendantase pendant note pendant that I always obtain a proof of posting from Royal Mail for both tracke pendantd and standard mail.Ple pendantase pendant visit my Etsy shop whe pendantre pendant I have pendant a large pendant varie pendantty of craft ite pendantms and costume pendant je pendantwe pendantlle pendantrywww./uk/your/shops/Pre pendantttyvintage pendantbe pendantads/tools/Pre pendantttyvintage pendantbe pendantads

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