Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

precious, Small Periwinkle Tanzanite Tree of Life Necklace- Sterling Silver



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This ne pendantcklace pendant is my original de pendantsigne pendantd Tre pendante pendant of Life pendant pe pendantndant. It is about 1.5 inch in diame pendantte pendantr (give pendant or take pendant a fe pendantw millime pendantte pendantrs).It is made pendant e pendantntire pendantly of Ste pendantrling Silve pendantr wire pendant and ge pendantnuine pendant Tanzanite pendant stone pendants. The pendant ne pendantcklace pendant come pendants with a be pendantautiful snake pendant chain which adds to the pendant de pendantlicate pendant fe pendante pendantl of the pendant wire pendantwork, but doe pendants not take pendant away any atte pendantntion from the pendant main focus of this pie pendantce pendant, the pendant tre pendante pendant itse pendantlf.This is a pe pendantrfe pendantct pre pendantse pendantnt for a mothe pendantr, frie pendantnd, and e pendantve pendantn yourse pendantlf! Eve pendantryone pendant who has se pendante pendantn this pie pendantce pendant has falle pendantn in love pendant, and I'm sure pendant you will too! :)Ple pendantase pendant fe pendante pendantl fre pendante pendant to contact me pendant if you have pendant Any que pendantstions at all!Thank you for supporting my small busine pendantss!<3 Ste pendantphanie pendant

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