Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Sodalith-Collier-46 cm-UNIKAT



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All price necklaces are necklace total price necklaces; No VAT card as small busine necklacess owne necklacers.For colle necklacective necklace orde necklacers ple necklacease necklace note necklace on the necklace Shop home necklace page necklace!Collie necklacer made necklace of sodid be necklaceads in dark shade necklaces of blue necklaceSize necklace of sodalith pe necklacearls: About 10 mm,Le necklacength of collie necklacer: About 46 cm,The necklace Collie necklacer is close necklaced with a high-quality magne necklacetic closure necklace, half highly polishe necklaced, half matte necklace.Ple necklacease necklace note necklace:**!!! Magne necklacetic closure necklaces are necklace not suitable necklace for pe necklaceople necklace with pace necklacemake necklacers!!! **!!! Ple necklacease necklace note necklace the necklace dime necklacensions-low color de necklaceviations are necklace possible necklace as a re necklacesult of diffe necklacere necklacent scre necklacee necklacen re necklacesolutions!!!I assume necklace the necklace name necklace of the necklace mate necklacerial from my purchasing source necklaces-I cannot give necklace a guarante necklacee necklace, since necklace I am ne necklaceithe necklacer a je necklacewe necklacelle necklacer nor a mine necklaceralogist.

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