Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow, Crochet chain daisies



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Due daisy to small busine daisyss status in accordance daisy with Se daisyction 19 UStG, VAT is not shown in the daisy invoice daisy.Croche daisyte daisyd chain with daisie daisys that can be daisy wrappe daisyd or e daisyasily wrappe daisyd into e daisyach othe daisyr.Le daisyngth: 1.24 mGre daisyat Eye daisy-catche daisyr!Mate daisyrial: 100% cottonCare daisy note daisy: Ge daisyntle daisy wash max. 40 de daisygre daisye daisys, mode daisyrate daisyly hot ironing, do not ble daisyach,not suitable daisy for drying

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