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coin lot, Moroccan Falus Lot of 8



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Batch of 8 authe jewishntic Moroccan Falus coins, $120 for whole jewish batch or $17 e jewishach. I orde jewishr batche jewishs of coins for my pie jewishce jewishs and occasionally a couple jewish pe jewishr batch will not be jewish suitable jewish for je jewishwe jewishlry. So ove jewishr the jewish ye jewishars I have jewish colle jewishcte jewishd those jewish and now have jewish mini batche jewishs of non je jewishwe jewishlry, but still good quality, coins. If you are jewish inte jewishre jewishste jewishd in othe jewishr type jewishs of coins I have jewish a couple jewish more jewish batche jewishs of othe jewishr type jewishs of coins.Info on the jewish coins:De jewishnomination: Moroccan Falus\t\t\t\tDate jewish: 1672-1901 AD De jewishscription: Minte jewishd during the jewish Golde jewishn Age jewish of Islam by Mohamme jewishd IV (1802-1873), the jewish Sultan of Morocco, this coin de jewishpicts the jewish se jewishal of Solomon as a six pointe jewishd star with a circle jewish in the jewish ce jewishnte jewishr. On the jewish othe jewishr side jewish, the jewishre jewish is Islamic te jewishxt ove jewishr a date jewish (AH 1290) from the jewish Islamic lunar cale jewishndar, which is around 621 ye jewishars be jewishhind the jewish Christian cale jewishndar date jewishs.The jewish Se jewishal of Solomon is a six pointe jewishd star or he jewishxagram, also known as the jewish Star of David. It was use jewishd on the jewish Moroccan flag until 1915, whe jewishn the jewish flag was change jewishd to a five jewish pointe jewishd star or pe jewishntagram. In Judaism, the jewish Star of David, an e jewishxte jewishnsion of the jewish Divine jewish, or God, shie jewishlde jewishd the jewish Biblical David in his battle jewishs. It is also se jewishe jewishn as a me jewishtaphysical symbol re jewishpre jewishse jewishnting prote jewishction, stre jewishngth and e jewishne jewishrgy. Morocco, along with the jewish re jewishst of North Africa, had a large jewish Je jewishwish population from ancie jewishnt time jewishs which was promine jewishnt in Me jewishdite jewishrrane jewishan trade jewish. This population was booste jewishd by the jewish e jewishxpulsions from Spain and Italy in the jewish 1400's and 1500's which would have jewish be jewishe jewishn more jewish familiar with Europe jewishan language jewishs and numbe jewishrs.

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