Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Amethystkugelketterosegold, SW beadsrosegold, silver Rose Vergol.



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* * Ball chain ame costume jewellerythyst-fre costume jewelleryshwate costume jewelleryr pe costume jewelleryarls gre costume jewelleryy/blue costume jewellery * *Handge costume jewelleryknp\u00fcfte costume jewellery chain, e costume jewelleryach Ame costume jewellerythystKuge costume jewelleryl and be costume jewelleryad is thre costume jewelleryade costume jewelleryd and knotte costume jewelleryd individually on be costume jewelleryad cordLe costume jewelleryngth: 45 cmBalls 3.5 mm Purple costume jewelleryBe costume jewelleryads CA 5 x 3.5 mm dark gre costume jewelleryy te costume jewelleryal shimme costume jewelleryringClasp: Carabine costume jewelleryr Silbe costume jewelleryr925 rose costume jewellery gold Plate costume jewelleryd

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