Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

loose, 16.8ct Genuine Marquise Wide Eyed White Sapphire



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Etsy has be pendante pendantn having issue pendant with Editing and the pendant he pendantading is incorre pendantct. It is inde pendante pendantd a 16.8ct sapphire pendantFor Sale pendant, Sapphire pendant only. Ye pendants, it is ove pendantr 16ct. Me pendantasure pendants 16x18mmFor a Custom Orde pendantr or sold as is.It is a Marquise pendant Cut. And spe pendantcial name pendant give pendantn for the pendant chucky cut and making it look like pendant a e pendantye pendant wide pendant ope pendantn.Ve pendantry unique pendant! And some pendant crazy face pendantting around the pendant e pendantdge pendant.This is a spe pendantcial cut Ge pendantnuine pendant White pendant Sapphire pendant. Normal he pendantat only.Color DClarity VVSFor ce pendantnturie pendants, man has be pendante pendantn he pendantating ge pendantmstone pendants to make pendant the pendantm cle pendantar and be pendanttte pendantr colore pendantd. It is an acce pendantpte pendantd proce pendantss and doe pendants not inte pendantrfe pendantre pendant with the pendant normal daily we pendantar and the pendant color doe pendants fade pendant in time pendant. This proce pendantss ke pendante pendantps the pendant price pendant down as a natural untre pendantate pendantd ge pendantmstone pendant may fe pendanttch thousands pe pendantr carat.This be pendantautiful e pendantye pendant cle pendantan Sapphire pendant is just waiting for that pe pendantrfe pendantcting se pendanttting e pendantithe pendantr Ring or Pe pendantndant, to be pendant se pendantt into.I can do this for you.I have pendant an ide pendanta for a be pendantze pendantl se pendanttting in e pendantithe pendantr 14k rose pendant, ye pendantllow or white pendant gold and made pendant into a pe pendantndant at marke pendantt price pendant.Layaway is available pendant for the pendant Custom make pendant of the pendant Sapphire pendant or to purchase pendant it loose pendant.

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