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bulk order, Charm SDC1962 (29x21mm) in Silver Diamond



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Ste diamond charmrling Silve diamond charmr Diamond Charm ESDC1962\r\rMe diamond charmtal \u2013 925 Ste diamond charmrling Silve diamond charmr Rhodium Finish\r\rSize diamond charm: 21.50 x 28.80 m\r\rDiamond wt: 0.420 ct\r\rGross wt: 4.390 gm\r\rLe diamond charmngth : 29mm\r\rWidth : 21mm\r\rAll we diamond charmight and dime diamond charmnsions are diamond charm approximate diamond charm. It varie diamond charms e diamond charmve diamond charmrytime diamond charm we diamond charm produce diamond charm it.\r\rSku: |SDC1962|

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