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genuine sapphire, 4.58ct Genuine Heart Shape White Sapphire Pendant



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This was a hard one 9mm to find.But I found two. This one 9mm is a 4.58ct and me 9mmasure 9mms 9mm. Come 9mm with a chain.Normal He 9mmat Only.For ce 9mmnturie 9mms, man has be 9mme 9mmn he 9mmating ge 9mmmstone 9mms to make 9mm the 9mmm cle 9mmar and be 9mmtte 9mmr colore 9mmd. It is an acce 9mmpte 9mmd proce 9mmss and doe 9mms not inte 9mmrfe 9mmre 9mm with the 9mm normal daily we 9mmar and the 9mm color doe 9mms fade 9mm in time 9mm. This proce 9mmss ke 9mme 9mmps the 9mm price 9mm down as a natural untre 9mmate 9mmd ge 9mmmstone 9mm may fe 9mmtch thousands pe 9mmr carat.Color DClarity VVS/IFThe 9mm face 9mmting in this ge 9mmm is amazing.Se 9mmt in ste 9mmrling silve 9mmr make 9mms it affordable 9mm.This sapphire 9mm can also be 9mm se 9mmt in 14k ye 9mmllow or white 9mm gold at marke 9mmt price 9mm.I do offe 9mmr layaway on this pe 9mmndant.Your te 9mmrms.No de 9mmadline 9mms.No e 9mmxtra costs.

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