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genuine sapphire, 2.75tcw 2 Genuine White Sapphire Pendant



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This is a ge pendantnuine pendant White pendant Sapphire pendant.5mm = .50ct8mm= .2.25ctOrigin: Sri Lanka ( Ce pendantylon)Se pendantt in Ste pendantrling Silve pendantr make pendants this love pendantly pe pendantndant affordable pendant.This pe pendantndant can also be pendant place pendantd in 14k ye pendantllow, rose pendant or white pendant gold.Layaway available pendant.This is how it works.You pick out what you want to put on layaway and put down a small de pendantposit to hold the pendant pie pendantce pendant and the pendantn it is up to you to make pendant payme pendantnts anytime pendant you choose pendant fit. In othe pendantr words you make pendant the pendant te pendantrms.If you ne pendante pendantd to contact me pendant you can do so he pendantre pendant on e pendanttsy or e pendantmail at candyrshe [email protected] or by phone pendant or te pendantxt at 425-281-6549.I do unde pendantrstand it is hard at time pendants to shop online pendant and I try to make pendant it as e pendantasy as possible pendant.I hope pendant to he pendantar from you soon, Candy

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