Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sapphire, 1.45Ct. Matching pair Round white Sapphire.



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Shape 1ct sapphire: Round We 1ct sapphireight: 1.45 Ct Me 1ct sapphireasure 1ct sapphireme 1ct sapphirents: 6mmClarity: VSTre 1ct sapphireatme 1ct sapphirent: None 1ct sapphire, 100% Natural I have 1ct sapphire e 1ct sapphirearrings mounting available 1ct sapphire for this stone 1ct sapphires. ple 1ct sapphirease 1ct sapphire contact me 1ct sapphire for more 1ct sapphire de 1ct sapphiretail.Since 1ct sapphirere 1ct sapphirely!Maste 1ct sapphirer Je 1ct sapphirewe 1ct sapphirele 1ct sapphirer

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