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engagement ring, 1ct White Sapphire Engagement Ring



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This is a ge 14knuine 14k 6mm=1ct White 14k Sapphire 14k e 14kngage 14kme 14knt ring.Se 14kt in Ste 14krling SIlve 14kr and Rhodium coate 14kd for longe 14kr prote 14kctions and made 14k to look like 14k white 14k gold.Ge 14knuine 14k sapphire 14kOrigin Sri Lanka (Ce 14kylone 14k)Color DClarity VVS/IFBe 14kautiful and ve 14kry diamond like 14k! At a fraction of the 14k costLay a way available 14k.Can be 14k made 14k in 14k solid gold. Your choise 14k of ye 14kllow, white 14k or rose 14k gold athe 14k the 14k marke 14kt price 14k.

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