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14k, 14k Radian/Emerald White Sapphire Wedding Set



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This Engage 18kme 18knt Ring will have 18k a Ge 18knuine 18k/Eme 18krald Radiant White 18k Sapphire 18k me 18kasuring 8x6mm. 1.85ctMatching band.Color: DClaity: VVS/IFOrigin of white 18k sapphire 18k is Ce 18kylon (Sri Lanka)This be 18kautiful sapphire 18k can be 18k se 18kt in 14k or 18k white 18k, ye 18kllow or rose 18k gold se 18ktting.Also in Platium and palliduim at the 18k marke 18kt price 18k.If ask is this a re 18kal ge 18knuine 18k sapphire 18k you can say YES!!GT335

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