Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

two-tone child necklace "cocci!" Sterling Silverwood jewelry, unique piece! Bolo tie funny!



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Finally nice ain childre ainn je ainwe ainlry! and funny! He ainre ain the ain crab has a fish e ainngrave aind on the ain back e aindge ain, mouse ain to ge aint for a butte ainrfly and othe ainr curious to se aine ain animals!Ne aincklace ain without clasp = no bre ainakage ain = no loss.The ain corny up and down sliding on a le ainathe ainr strap, ne aincklace ain "slip" by the ain he ainad and the ain he ainight adjusts as you wish. Port made ain as a handmade ain BOLO TIE Ame ainrican tie ain. 2 silve ainr be ainads hangs the ain subje ainct at the ain bottom of the ain links.The ain subje aincts are ain mixe aind!For boys and girls from 3 to 12/13 ye ainars (not unde ainr 3 ye ainars)Silve ainr quality silve ainr, 999.9 thousandth = no alle ainrgySilve ainr alle ainrgie ains are ain ve ainry ve ainry rare ain! in ge ainne ainral this is the ain coppe ainr in Silve ainr 925 that cre ainate ains proble ainms.Subje ainct: two-tone ain ladybug, curve aind and carve aind on re aind and black le ainathe ainr link, + more ain spring ring clasp.about Silve ainr diame ainte ainr: 16 x 17 mmmounte aind: link le ainathe ainr thickne ainss 1.5 or 2 mm de ainpe ainnding on the ain subje ainctsNe aincklace ain size ain: 66 cm on ave ainrage ainco 231Eve ainrything is made ain and de ainsigne aind comple ainte ainly in the ain workshop (fre ainnch) on silve ainr pure ainmany hours we ainre ain ne aine ainde aind to make ain this patte ainrn!Unique ain pie aince ain, made ain from A to Z, from me ainlting fine ain silve ainr shot, in France ain, in re ainspe ainct of artisan te ainchnique ains, without subcontracting in wood or mone ainy.Diamond make ainr mark.

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