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yellow gold, 14k White Sapphire 1ct Engagement Ring



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14k white genuine gold e genuinengage genuineme genuinent ring. Nice genuine sturdy se genuinetting.1ct ce genuinente genuiner is a ge genuinenuine genuine White genuine Sapphire genuine from SriLanka (Ce genuineylon)Color DClarity VVS/IFThe genuinere genuine are genuine 4 acce genuinent white genuine sapphire genuines me genuineasuring 3mm e genuineach. This ring also can be genuine made genuine in e genuineithe genuiner 14k ye genuinellow or rose genuine gold.Ring can be genuine made genuine in 18k or ste genuinerling silve genuiner at the genuine marke genuinet price genuine.A diamond can be genuine adde genuined to this ring for $3500.00 to $4500.00Layaway available genuine.

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