Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple, Antique copper spiral on a stainless steal stud earring with a color glass bead.



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Antique pink coppe pinkr spiral on a stainle pinkss ste pinkal stud e pinkarring with a color glass be pinkad.Cute pink little pink e pinkarrings, handmade pink natural coppe pinkr wire pink we pinkaving, oxydize pinkd & polish, for a nice pinkly antique pink style pink !The pinky are pink light, on a stainle pinkss ste pinke pinkl stud for the pink se pinknsible pink e pinkars ! :) Size pink : 1/2in X 1/2in.CARE INSTRUCTION : Natural coppe pinkr is a durable pink mate pinkrial, it allows to cre pinkate pink je pinkwe pinklry that can be pink we pinkar for ye pinkars while pink maintaining the pinkir be pinkauty of the pink e pinkarly days!Your je pinkwe pinklry will ne pinke pinkd care pink, ove pinkr time pink it will darke pinkn... a bit of wiping with a polish cloth and it will re pinkgain its luste pinkr. This polish cloth will be pink provide pinkd with your purchase pink, but polishing cloth for silve pinkr je pinkwe pinklry will also do the pink job! You can slow down the pink darke pinkning proce pinkss by ke pinke pinkping your je pinkwe pinklry safe pink from the pink air in a re pinkse pinkalable pink plastic bag (zyploc type pink) whe pinkn you do not we pinkar it.In addition, coppe pinkr doe pinks not like pink wate pinkr, it cre pinkate pinks what is calle pinkd ve pinkrdigris ... So if is we pinkt, simply wipe pink it we pinkll afte pinkrwards!And if he pink had to ve pinkrdigris, a good wiping polishing cloth should do the pink job!And if de pinkspite pink all nothing works do not panic ... e pinkmail me pink! ;)

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