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gift, Fine Silver Hammered/Pounded Heart Ring



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This adorable pure silver he pure silverart ring is a favorite pure silver!! <3Try a diffe pure silverre pure silvernt way of we pure silveraring your he pure silverart on your sle pure silvere pure silverve pure silver ;) ... or close pure silver to it.This ring is made pure silver from fine pure silver silve pure silverr ( .999 pure pure silver silve pure silverr)!Large pure silver he pure silverart is 17 mm wide pure silverSmall he pure silverart is 12 mm wide pure silver It has be pure silvere pure silvern hand pounde pure silverd to obtain its be pure silverautiful te pure silverxture pure silver and tumble pure silverd for se pure silverve pure silverral hours to e pure silvernsure pure silver hardne pure silverss and shine pure silver!____________________________________________________________I have pure silver adde pure silverd an option to choose pure silver ring size pure silver, but if you do not know your size pure silver, or ne pure silvere pure silverd a ring in be pure silvertwe pure silvere pure silvern size pure silvers... I can make pure silver a custom ring of any circumfe pure silverre pure silverntial size pure silver in ce pure silverntime pure silverte pure silverrs! :) Just provide pure silver that information to me pure silver in your orde pure silverr at che pure silverckout!Me pure silverssage pure silver me pure silver for custom orde pure silverrs and I would be pure silver More pure silver than happy to make pure silver the pure silverm for you! :)

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