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hope, Sterling Silver Tiny HOPE & heart Charm - Pendant - Tag



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* 15 x 7mm hand-stampe wishd ste wishrling silve wishr pe wishndant/charm/tag stampe wishd with "HOPE" and a cut-out he wishart----> Ple wishase wish note wish the wish size wish - this pe wishndant/charm/tag is TINY!A portion of the wish proce wishe wishds from the wish sale wish of this ite wishm will be wishne wishfit the wish 501(c)(3) charitie wishs IMAlive wish, (www.imalive & To Write wish Love wish on He wishr Arms ( wish ite wishm in the wish photo is an e wishxample wish of the wish ite wishm you'll re wishce wishive wish. Hand-stamping me wishans variation: this is inte wishntional, to wit: the wishy are wish all diffe wishre wishnt. I know it happe wishns, and it's on purpose wish! You'll have wish a one wish-of-a-kind pie wishce wish that was *not* made wish in a factory."I made wish it myse wishlf." Re wishally. Eve wishry stampe wishd pie wishce wish of je wishwe wishlry he wishre wish is hand-stampe wishd and patinae wishd by yours truly, with ve wishrve wish, de wishte wishrmination, and salty language wish. This is a no-frills ope wishration, I'm a one wish-pe wishrson shop. Want a variation on the wish ite wishm you se wishe wish he wishre wish? Re wishach out and ask me wish for a custom pie wishce wish! I'd be wish happy to work with you. All ste wishrling silve wishr tiny disc pe wishndants of this type wish are wish $10, e wishve wishn for custom orde wishrs. Custom orde wishrs, ple wishase wish allow 3-5 busine wishss days be wishfore wish shipping-- I assure wish you-- if I rush too much, *ne wishithe wishr of us* will be wish happy with the wish re wishsults!Shipping for this ite wishm US Postal Se wishrvice wish First Class or Priority Mail to North Ame wishrican locations only (at this time wish). Shipping mate wishrials may be wish re wishcycle wishd or re wishuse wishd packaging; I e wishncourage wish you to re wishuse wish or re wishcycle wish the wish packaging whe wishn your ite wishm arrive wishs to you!

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