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14k yellow, 14k -2ct - 3 White Sapphire Wedding or Engagement Ring



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This ring can be 14k yellow worn as an e 14k yellowngage 14k yellowme 14k yellownt ring or a we 14k yellowdding ring or just a ring to we 14k yellowar e 14k yellowve 14k yellowry day.The 14k yellowse 14k yellow sapphire 14k yellow have 14k yellow e 14k yellowxce 14k yellowlle 14k yellownt color and clarity.All the 14k yellowse 14k yellow ge 14k yellownuine 14k yellow Sapphire 14k yellow hail from Sri LankaColor DClarity VVS/IFCe 14k yellownte 14k yellowr sapphire 14k yellow is 6mm= 1.00ctSide 14k yellow sapphire 14k yellows are 14k yellow 5mm = .55ct e 14k yellowach.This ring can be 14k yellow in your choice 14k yellow of 14k solid gold, e 14k yellowithe 14k yellowr ye 14k yellowllow white 14k yellow or rose 14k yellow gold.Layaway available 14k yellow.

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