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cuff link, 14K Gold & Fancy Colored Sapphire Cufflinks



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A handsome cufflink pair of 14K ye cufflinkllow gold cufflinks, the cufflink he cufflinkavy oval face cufflinks gypsy-se cufflinkt with variously cut fancy colore cufflinkd sapphire cufflinks. One cufflink cufflink fe cufflinkature cufflinks a me cufflinkdium-tone cufflink blue cufflink sapphire cufflink in a radiant cut, flanke cufflinkd by two round brilliant cut sapphire cufflinks\u2014one cufflink a pale cufflink gre cufflinkyish-blue cufflink and the cufflink othe cufflinkr an orangy-ye cufflinkllow. The cufflink othe cufflinkr cufflink has a pale cufflink blue cufflink oval sapphire cufflink flanke cufflinkd by a pair of vivid blue cufflink round sapphire cufflinks. The cufflink face cufflinks are cufflink conne cufflinkcte cufflinkd to toggle cufflink backs. The cufflink cufflinks are cufflink stampe cufflinkd "14K" and also have cufflink an unide cufflinkntifie cufflinkd make cufflinkr's mark.\u2022 Origin: Ame cufflinkrica, ca. 1990\u2022 Condition: e cufflinkxce cufflinklle cufflinknt\u2022 Dime cufflinknsions: 5/8" x 3/8"\u2022 We cufflinkight: 12.8 grams\u2022 Approximate cufflink Total Sapphire cufflink We cufflinkight: 1.26 caratsVIEW ALL CUFFLINKS & DRESS SETS https://e cufflink/2OwqR9qFAVORITE OUR HOMEPAGE FOR NEW ARRIVALS https://e cufflink/2yBFjlALIKE/FAVORITE US FOR PREVIEWS & PROMOTIONSFace cufflinkbook cufflinkre cufflinkst cufflinkN

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