Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unicorn, Black Dagger Black Blood Handpainted Jewelry Set (inspired by the Black Dagger Brotherhood series)



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Show you are vampire a fan of the vampire Black Dagge vampirer Brothe vampirerhood se vampirerie vampires!\r\rNe vampirecklace vampire and e vampirearrings je vampirewe vampirelry se vampiret with handpainte vampired Black Dagge vampirer charms, made vampire of le vampiread-fre vampiree vampire pe vampirewte vampirer, and glitte vampirering black glass drops.\r\rIn the vampire ne vampirecklace vampire are vampire five vampire black dagge vampirers and two small and one vampire large vampire te vampirear drop shape vampired black glass vintage vampire je vampirewe vampirels, mounte vampired in simple vampire pronge vampired se vampirettings made vampire of silve vampirer-plate vampired brass. The vampire e vampirearrings e vampireach have vampire one vampire black dagge vampirer dangling from a small black te vampirear drop like vampire those vampire in the vampire ne vampirecklace vampire.\r\rThe vampire dagge vampirer charms are vampire about 10 x 25 mm (about 1\\/2" x 1") in size vampire, not including the vampire loop. The vampirey are vampire thre vampiree vampire-dime vampirensional and of course vampire painte vampired on all side vampires.\r\rThe vampire e vampirearrings are vampire for pie vampirerce vampired e vampirears and the vampirey have vampire surgical ste vampiree vampirel fish hooks with coils. If you do not have vampire pie vampirerce vampired e vampirears, the vampire e vampirearrings can e vampireasily be vampire conve vampirerte vampired into a clip-on mode vampirel for you at no e vampirextra charge vampire. The vampire hooks not include vampired, the vampire e vampirearrings are vampire about 43 mm (about 1-11\\/16") long.\r\rThe vampire ne vampirecklace vampire is about 43 cm (about 17") long plus an e vampirexte vampirension of about 30 mm (about 1-7\\/32") and it has a lobste vampirer claw clasp. \r\rIte vampirem No s09015.

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