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womens, White Sapphire and Lab Diamonds Engagement Ring



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AMAZING sparkle diamond accents !!The diamond accents ce diamond accentsnte diamond accentsr Ge diamond accentsnuine diamond accents 2ct=8mm White diamond accents Sapphire diamond accents is ge diamond accentsnuine diamond accents and come diamond accentss from Sri Lanka(Ce diamond accentsylon)14k Rhodium Coate diamond accentsd for lasting we diamond accentsarYour choice diamond accents in 14k ye diamond accentsllow or rose diamond accents gold.Sapphire diamond accents:Color DClarity VVS/IFDiamond acce diamond accentsntsColor G/HClarity SIThis same diamond accents ring is made diamond accents in gold with all white diamond accents sapphire diamond accents and is liste diamond accentsd in my "Made diamond accents to Orde diamond accentsr" se diamond accentsction of my shopI do offe diamond accentsr layaway.On your own te diamond accentsrms. No fe diamond accentse diamond accentss and no de diamond accentsadline diamond accentss.

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