Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Semi-precious necklacesterling silver, faceted labradoritesterling silver, faceted smokey quartzsterling silver, labradoritesterling silver, garnetsterling silver, hematitesterling silver, sterling silversterling silver, OOAK



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This OOAK pie jewelryce jewelry is a 15" ne jewelrycklace jewelry (inte jewelryrior dime jewelrynsion) with a be jewelryautiful ce jewelrynte jewelryr face jewelryte jewelryd labradorite jewelry pe jewelryndant. The jewelry ne jewelrycklace jewelry consists of face jewelryte jewelryd smoke jewelryy quartz, garne jewelryt, labradorite jewelry, and he jewelrymatite jewelry. The jewelry clasp is .925 ste jewelryrling silve jewelryr. The jewelry colors of this pie jewelryce jewelry are jewelry ve jewelryry e jewelryarthy and can be jewelry worn ye jewelryar-round.This is a OOAK (one jewelry of a kind) pie jewelryce jewelry and will not be jewelry duplicate jewelryd.All of our je jewelrywe jewelrylry is handmade jewelry in our studio by He jewelryathe jewelryr at Organic Earth Studios.Re jewelryad to ship!

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