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post, Genuine Oval White Sapphire Earrings



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The post price post of white post sapphire posts have post we postnt up significantly due post to the post high de postmands for the post use post of re postplacing diamonds.But he postre post it is!Ge postnuine post Oval White post Sapphire post, se postt in a ste postrling silve postr se posttting.A unique post shape post for a sapphire post as we postllThe postse post ge postnuine post White post Sapphire posts me postasure post 7x5mm and we postigh 1.50tw.Origin: Sri LankaColor DClarity VVS/IFThe postse post sapphire posts can be post re postse postt in14k white post, ye postllow or rose post gold at the post marke postt price post.Layaway available post.

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