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aaa emerald, 14k Emerald and Trapezoid Diamond Ring



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This be white goldautiful ring is a solid gold se white goldtting we white goldighing6 and 9 grams. De white goldpe white goldnding on ring size white gold.Diamonds and e white goldme white goldrald can be white gold re white goldse white goldt in ye white goldllow or rose white gold gold. Eme white goldrald is 1 plus carat. And the white gold grade white gold is AAATrape white goldzoid diamonds are white gold total we white goldight of .50ct.Color GClarity is VS1This de white goldsign can be white gold for an e white goldve white goldry day ring or a we white golddding or e white goldngage white goldme white goldnt ring.I can de white goldsign a band to match this at your sugge white goldstions and we white gold can work toge white goldthe white goldr and de white goldsign one white gold.I do many custom pie white goldce white golds.... ple white goldase white gold fe white golde white goldl fre white golde white gold to che white goldck out my shop in the white gold "made white gold to orde white goldr" se white goldction for some white gold ide white goldas.Layaway available white gold with e white goldasy te white goldrms and no de white goldadline white golds.

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