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bezel, 1.25ct Genuine White Sapphire Pendant



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So Diamond like sterling silver... I has the sterling silver most amazing face sterling silverting.This oval shape sterling silverd White sterling silver Sapphire sterling silvers hale sterling silvers from Sri Lanka.Se sterling silvert in a be sterling silverze sterling silverl se sterling silvertting.Me sterling silverasuring 8x6mm =1.25Color DClarity VVS/IFGe sterling silvernuine sterling silver and he sterling silverate sterling silverd only, he sterling silvernce sterling silver the sterling silver clarity and color.Hardne sterling silverss of 9.Diamonds are sterling silver a 10.Se sterling silvert in affordable sterling silver ste sterling silverrling silve sterling silverr.Can be sterling silver re sterling silverse sterling silvert in ye sterling silverllow, white sterling silver or rose sterling silver gold.

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