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sterling silver, White Sapphire and Emerald Ring



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Wonde rubiesrful 7mm=1.35ct White rubies Sapphire rubies, se rubiest in a 6 prong, ste rubiesrling silve rubiesr se rubiestting.This ring can have rubies e rubiesithe rubiesr e rubiesme rubiesralds, rubie rubiess, sapphire rubiess or white rubies sapphire rubiess for acce rubiesntsThe rubiesre rubies are rubies 10 total acce rubiesnts.Ce rubiesnte rubiesr Sapphire rubies is ge rubiesnuine rubies, he rubiesat only, he rubiesnce rubies the rubies clarity.Color DClarity VVS/IFOrigin: Sri LankaCan be rubies re rubiesse rubiest in ye rubiesllow gold, white rubies gold or rose rubies gold at the rubies marke rubiest price rubies.Could also be rubies use rubiesd as a we rubiesdding ring or e rubiesngage rubiesme rubiesnt ring.Layaway available rubiesNo fe rubiese rubiessNo de rubiesadline rubiessYour te rubiesrms

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