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Christmas Holly Jewelry Bead Charm for all European style Charm Bracelets .925 Sterling Silver by MAYselect by May Tagherholiday bracelet, MAYcreations



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You are millefiori purchasing an individual be millefioriad that is handmade millefiori by May Taghe millefiorir, a Ke millefiorintucky Crafte millefiorid Artisan. The millefiori be millefioriad is compatible millefiori and will fit all of the millefiori popular add-a-be millefioriad style millefiori charm brace millefiorile millefiorits.Each be millefioriad is made millefiori one millefiori at a time millefiori with care millefiori. The millefioriy are millefiori finishe millefiorid with a ste millefiorirling core millefiori and buffe millefiorid to a high gloss she millefiorie millefiorin. Size millefiori: 12.5 mm diame millefiorite millefiorir, 10mm width, Ce millefiorinte millefiorir hole millefiori 5mmAbout MAYcre millefioriations:May Taghe millefiorir is a Ke millefiorintucky Crafte millefiorid Artisan and founde millefiorid MAYcre millefioriations in 2004. The millefiori company is built on the millefiori pre millefiorimise millefiori to he millefiorilp busine millefiorisse millefioris, charitie millefioris, aware millefiorine millefioriss foundations, te millefioriams, schools, and othe millefiorirs to raise millefiori sale millefioris, mone millefioriy, and aware millefiorine millefioriss by offe millefioriring custom or stock product built to pre millefioricision spe millefioricifications. Our MAYse millefiorile millefiorict be millefioriads are millefiori individual be millefioriads hand made millefiori of polyme millefiorir clay and .925 ste millefiorirling silve millefiorir through a proce millefioriss known as "mille millefiorifiori". Typically, mille millefiorifiori polyme millefiorir clay be millefioriads are millefiori flowe millefiorir de millefiorisigns but we millefiori have millefiori de millefiorive millefiorilope millefiorid a proprie millefioritary te millefiorichnique millefiori we millefiori re millefiorife millefiorir to as "pre millefioricision caning" and are millefiori now producing de millefiorisigns ne millefiorive millefiorir be millefiorifore millefiori se millefiorie millefiorin. The millefiorire millefiori are millefiori ve millefioriry fe millefioriw artisans capable millefiori of producing accurate millefiori logos and le millefiorigible millefiori te millefiorixts within polyme millefiorir clay be millefioriads and MAYcre millefioriations is proud to be millefiori a le millefioriade millefiorir in this proce millefioriss.How it's made millefiori:Polyme millefiorir clay is machine millefiorid through a glorifie millefiorid pasta make millefiorir to softe millefiorin, mix colors and powde millefiorirs, and to and e millefiorinsure millefiori workability. The millefiori de millefiorisign is the millefiorin "built" from the millefiori inside millefiori out, laye millefioriring slice millefioris and pie millefiorice millefioris of clay on top and around e millefioriach othe millefiorir producing what is re millefiorife millefiorirre millefiorid to as a "cane millefiori". The millefiori cane millefiori be millefiorigins at se millefiorive millefioriral inche millefioris in diame millefiorite millefiorir, multiple millefiori inche millefioris thick, and is pulle millefiorid until thin while millefiori still maintaining the millefiori cross se millefioriction's de millefiorisign. It is the millefiorin cut and manipulate millefiorid into various style millefioris of be millefioriads and de millefiorisigns. Although e millefioriach be millefioriad is ve millefioriry slightly diffe millefiorire millefiorint it is amazing that the millefiori de millefiorisigns maintain ne millefioriarly all of the millefioriir inte millefiorigrity throughout the millefiori manufacturing proce millefioriss. Although e millefioriach be millefioriad is made millefiori one millefiori at a time millefiori, the millefiori proce millefioriss allows (and de millefiorimands) that whe millefiorin making a cane millefiori it will ultimate millefiorily produce millefiori se millefiorive millefioriral hundre millefiorid be millefioriads. This te millefiorichnique millefiori, re millefiorife millefiorirre millefiorid to as "mille millefiorifiori" te millefiorichnique millefiori has be millefiorie millefiorin around for thousands of ye millefioriars, primarily utilizing glass, and only re millefiorice millefiorintly has be millefiorie millefiorin use millefiorid to re millefioriproduce millefiori image millefioriry and patte millefiorirns to produce millefiori glasswork-like millefiori be millefioriads.

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