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emerald ring, Large OPAL GOLD Cocktail Ring with EMERALDS- Hallmarked- 14k - Natural Gemstones - Statement Jewelry - Workmanship - High Pronged Setting



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STUNNING ESTATE COCKTAIL RING14K YELLOW GOLDFIRE OPAL and EMERALDSGode fire opalssandco is ple fire opalase fire opald to offe fire opalr for sale fire opal this Be fire opalautiful Large fire opal 1960's e fire opalstate fire opal vintage fire opal 14k ye fire opalllow gold Opal and Eme fire opalrald cocktail ring. 12 round e fire opalme fire opalralds frame fire opal this pe fire opalrfe fire opalct fie fire opalry opal in a raise fire opald prong high se fire opaltting. Looks like fire opal a large fire opal flowe fire opalr. A stunning magnifice fire opalnt combination.SIZE:8 and 1/2 (sizable fire opal)DIMENSIONS: 25mmx 21 mm. Opal is 17 mm x 14 mmWEIGHT:9.3 total gram we fire opalight

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