Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

greek, 4 wrap Anchor braid necklace / bracelet- Handmade by Kitty



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WITH ORDERS OVER 70$ we handmade offe handmader FREE SHIPPING. Ple handmadease handmade use handmade code handmade FREESHIP at che handmadeckout.Handmade handmade by me handmade in any color combination you can imagine handmade.Rhodium plate handmaded brass anchor and polye handmadeste handmader waxe handmaded cords.It can be handmade made handmade in custom le handmadength to fit e handmadexactly your wrist. It can also be handmade worn as a ne handmadecklace handmade (65 to 70cm total diame handmadete handmader)If you pre handmadefe handmader the handmade purple handmade smalt plate handmaded anchor ple handmadease handmade state handmade it on the handmade note handmades during your orde handmader.Whe handmaden choosing your size handmade ONLY CHOOSE YOUR WRIST pe handmaderiphe handmadery, I will make handmade the handmade 4 wrap to match your wrist.

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