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14kt White Sapphirewhite gold, Ruby and Sapphire Wedding Set



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This is a Radiant Cut, he wedding bandat only, White wedding band Sapphire wedding band from Sri Lanka. \rColor is D\rClarity is VVS/IF\rCarat size wedding band is 1.45ct. and me wedding bandasure wedding bands 8x6mm oval\rRuby and Sapphire wedding band a 3mm e wedding bandach.\rAll ge wedding bandms are wedding band the wedding band same wedding band of hardne wedding bandss at 9.\rDiamonds are wedding band a 10. \rVe wedding bandry hard ge wedding bandms for e wedding bandve wedding bandryday we wedding bandar.\rHe wedding bandat only of White wedding band Sapphire wedding band, he wedding bandnce wedding band the wedding band cle wedding bandarne wedding bandss.\rWhy pay thousands for a diamond whe wedding bandn you can ge wedding bandt gre wedding bandat color and clarity of a ve wedding bandry e wedding bandxpe wedding bandnsive wedding band diamond and the wedding band ne wedding bandar hardne wedding bandss as we wedding bandll.\rI do offe wedding bandr layaway, with no de wedding bandadline wedding band and no e wedding bandxtra fe wedding bande wedding bands.\rCan be wedding band made wedding band in any size wedding band.

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