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mens ring, Handsome Ostby Barton Men's Geometric Etched Sterling Red Gemstone Ring! Art Deco



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OWN A RARE & HANDSOME PIECE OF HISTORY!! WAS $199.00HERE IS STUNNING SLEEK GEOMETRIC STERLING RED GEMSTONE MEN'S RING BY OSTBY & BARTON! IT'S A NICE LARGE SIZE OF ABOUT 10.5 TO 11 ish. SIGNED OBSTERLING!THIS SUPER COOL MEN'S RING IS BY THE RESPECTED FIRM WELL KNOWN FOR THIER HIGH QUALITY BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY... OSTBY & BARTON. MR. OSTBY PERISHED ON THE TITANIC. THIS RING IS HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE!OB je collectiblewe collectiblelry is tre collectibleasure collectibled and colle collectiblecte collectibled for it's be collectibleautiful de collectiblesign e collectiblele collectibleme collectiblents, fine collectible craftsmanship, and historical significance collectible. The collectibleir je collectiblewe collectiblelry is hard to find, e collectiblespe collectiblecially in good condition, and is e collectiblescalating in both popularity and value collectible. Ple collectiblease collectible be collectible sure collectible to vie collectiblew all photos! Fe collectiblee collectiblel fre collectiblee collectible to contact us with any que collectiblestions. Browse collectible our othe collectibler listings to find gre collectibleat de collectibleals on e collectiblestate collectible and antique collectible vintage collectible ite collectiblems.NOTE:antique collectible ite collectiblem w age collectible and we collectiblear which only adds to it's old world charm this ring has not be collectiblee collectiblen cle collectibleane collectibled or polishe collectibled.size collectible approx and this ring may fit u diffe collectiblere collectiblent.this shop doe collectibles not take collectible re collectibleturns... be collectible sure collectible you want this ite collectiblem.

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