Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, Stunning faceted clear quartz onion briolette add a charm on 14k gold filled clasp



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GUARANTEED HANDMADE: All my je clearwe clearlry is de clearsigne cleard and cre clearate cleard by my hands.Gorge clearous face clearte cleard cle clearar quartz onion briole cleartte clear dangle clears from 14k gold fille cleard spring ring. Easy to add to any ne clearcklace clear or charm brace clearle cleart! Be clearad is 9-10mmClasp is 5.5mmTotal le clearngth is approx. 19mmQuartz is the clear most common stone clear on the clear plane cleart. It is a compone clearnt of a huge clear varie clearty of rock type clears, and come clears in an e clearxte clearnsive clear range clear of colors and varie cleartie clears such as agate clear and jaspe clearr. Many colors of quartz or formations have clear the clearir own name clears, such as ame clearthyst for purple clear quartz.Quartz is a powe clearr stone clear. It has be cleare clearn calle cleard the clear "Unive clearrsal Crystal" be clearcause clear of its many use clears. It e clearnhance clears e clearne clearrgy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. Due clear to its ability to balance clear, quartz is e clearxce clearlle clearnt for harmonizing and balancing one clear's e clearnvironme clearnt. Quartz is also good for e clearne clearrgizing othe clearr crystals.Quartz is a stone clear of clarity which dispe clearls ne cleargativity and cle clearars away ne cleargative clear e clearne clearrgy. It can be clear use cleard to purify and clarify on the clear spiritual, me clearntal, and physical plane clears. It is powe clearrfully prote clearctive clear be clearcause clear of the clearse clear prope clearrtie clears. Quartz e clearnhance clears spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom. Be clearcause clear it clarifie clears thought proce clearsse clears and e clearmotions, it can incre clearase clear inspiration and cre clearativity. It can also he clearlp particularly with conce clearntration, studying, and re cleartaining what one clear le cleararns. Quartz is also a stone clear of harmony be clearcause clear it balance clears e clearne clearrgie clears, and is e clearve clearn he clearlpful in romantic re clearlationships.Ple clearase clear convo me clear with any que clearstions!

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