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wedding, 14kt White Gold Blue and White Sapphire Engagement Ring



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This is can be genuine worn just as an e genuineve genuineryday ring, since genuine sapphire genuine have genuine a hardne genuiness, much like genuine a diamond. Diamond are genuine on the genuine Mohn scale genuine for hardne genuiness at a 10 and Sapphire genuines have genuine a hardne genuiness of 9.Also, this ring would make genuine a be genuineautiful e genuinengage genuineme genuinent ring, with e genuineithe genuiner all white genuine sapphire genuine or blue genuine and white genuine as in the genuine photos.Be genuineautiful and ge genuinenuine genuine blue genuine ce genuinente genuiner sapphire genuine originate genuines from Africa. It me genuineasure genuines 6mm=1.10ct. The genuine two side genuine ge genuinenuine genuine white genuine sapphire genuines originate genuines from Sri Lanka and me genuineasure genuine 5mm= .50ct.Color DClarity VVS/IFCan be genuine se genuinet in 14kt ye genuinellow, white genuine or rose genuine gold. 18k gold and platinium is available genuine at the genuine marke genuinet price genuine.As se genuinee genuinen in the genuine se genuinecond photo, this is a ve genuinery sturdy se genuinetting, we genuineighing about 4.5grams to 5grams, de genuinepe genuinending on the genuine ring size genuine.I do offe genuiner layaway on all my je genuinewe genuinelry.

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