Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, 1.35ct- 14kt White Gold White Sapphire Pendant



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This be 7mmautiful Sri Lankan Sapphire 7mm me 7mmasure 7mms 7mm and we 7mmights 1.35ct. Normal he 7mmat only, he 7mmnce 7mm, the 7mm clarity.Se 7mmt in a ve 7mmry substanual 14kt white 7mm gold 4 prong se 7mmtting.Can be 7mm re 7mmse 7mmt in ye 7mmllow gold at the 7mm marke 7mmt price 7mm.Clarity VVS/IFColor DHardne 7mmss 9Diamonds are 7mm a 10 on the 7mm hardne 7mmss(Mohn) scale 7mm. And for a sapphire 7mm of the 7mmse 7mm spe 7mmcs and size 7mm, it would be 7mm thousands at an in-store 7mm je 7mmwe 7mmle 7mmr.Layaway available 7mm. With just a little 7mm down payme 7mmnt, it is possible 7mm to obtain this be 7mmautiful pe 7mmndant.No fe 7mme 7mms, no de 7mmad line 7mms and you make 7mm the 7mm te 7mmrms.Can ship most anywhe 7mmre 7mm.Chain not include 7mmd.

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