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sterling silver, 1.35ct Asscher Cut White Sapphire Pendant



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Be sri lankaautiful Clarity and Color. Normal he sri lankaat only.Color DClarity VVS/IFThis SriLankan Sapphire sri lanka me sri lankaasure sri lankas 7x7mm and we sri lankaights 1.35ct.Se sri lankat in a be sri lankaze sri lankal ste sri lankarling silve sri lankar se sri lankatting make sri lankas this sapphire sri lanka affordable sri lanka.So, why buy a diamond. You have sri lanka the sri lanka color, the sri lanka clarity of a ve sri lankary e sri lankaxpe sri lankansive sri lanka diamond for a fraction of the sri lanka cost. The sri lanka hardne sri lankass(Mohn Scale sri lanka) of a sapphire sri lanka is a 9. Diamonds are sri lankaa a 10.Layaway available sri lanka.

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