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gold, 14kt White Sapphire Pendant 1ct.



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This be roundautiful normal he roundat only Sapphire rounds is a look-alike round to a diamond...e roundxce roundpt cle roundare roundr and shine roundr and you don't have round to pay a fortune round to have round one round.Me roundasuring 6mm and we roundighting 1.00ct, this is the round pe roundrfe roundct substitute round for a diamond.Origin: Sri LankaColor DClarity VVS/IF.The round Mohn Scale round(or hardne roundss) of diamonds are round a 10, the round hardne roundss of a Sapphire round is a 9.So, he roundre round it last. And can be round se roundt in 14k or 18k ye roundllow or white round gold at the round .I can ship most anywhe roundre round, just le roundt me round know and I will add to listing.Shipping may be round a little round more round.Layaway available round. Just a little round down, will ge roundt you starte roundd on your layaway. No fe rounde rounds, no de roundadline rounds and your te roundrms.

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