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purse, Large Links Bracelet Silicone Mold with diamond studded end link



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This is a brace diamondle diamondt mold that can also be diamond use diamondd for purse diamond straps. The diamondse diamond can be diamond a gre diamondat addition to your fashion inspire diamondd cake diamonds. The diamond links can also be diamond use diamondd as a borde diamondr !\rThe diamond e diamondnd of the diamond mold fe diamondature diamonds a diamond studde diamondd e diamondnd link that is a gre diamondat size diamond of a little diamond ove diamondr an inch.\r\rTotal le diamondngth from e diamondnd to e diamondnd is 6 1 /2 inche diamonds long \r\rThe diamondse diamond are diamond made diamond from food grade diamond silicone diamond molds and can withstand te diamondmpe diamondrature diamonds up to 400F. the diamondy may come diamond to you in purple diamond, ye diamondllow or blue diamond color. The diamondy are diamond all be diamondndable diamond and fle diamondxible diamond and can be diamond use diamondd ove diamondr and ove diamondr again. You can use diamond this on gumpaste diamond, fondant, isomalt, chocolate diamond, candy e diamondtc or othe diamondr non food applications like diamond polyme diamondr clay or re diamondsin ( but make diamond sure diamond you do not inte diamondrchange diamond the diamondir use diamonds )\r\rInte diamondrnational shipping will start at $8, de diamondpe diamondnding on whe diamondre diamond you live diamond but that will be diamond re diamondgular mail. If you want priority shipping, le diamondt me diamond know and it will be diamond 25 + and you can fill the diamond e diamondnve diamondlope diamond with othe diamondr molds you want to orde diamondr. Just le diamondt me diamond know what you may want to include diamond.\r\rUs shipme diamondnt time diamonds may take diamond 2-4 days , priority says 2-3.\rInte diamondrnational shipme diamondnts ave diamondrage diamond 2 we diamonde diamondks, but may take diamond longe diamondr than a month in ce diamondrtain are diamondas.\rall shipme diamondnts will re diamondce diamondive diamond a tracking numbe diamondr, but outside diamond the diamond USA, your customs numbe diamondr will only be diamond able diamond to track it until it le diamondave diamonds US te diamondrritory.

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