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charms, Trinket Box Mold Kit : All 14 detailed silicone molds used in the trinket box cake



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This is the bling e blingntire bling kit of silicone bling molds use blingd in the bling trinke blingt box cake bling : value blingd at : $70, but you can ge blingt a discount and ge blingt it all for $60 and save bling $10 by ge blingtting the blingm all at once bling , and also save bling on additional shipping costs . 8 je blingwe blinglry charms - $15 ( size bling: 1/2 to 1 1/2 inche blings )Large bling and small chain mold se blingt - $25 ( large bling is 3/4 by 8 inche blings, small is 3mm by 7 inche blings) Me blingdium chain mold - $12.50 ( 5/8 by 8 inche blings long ) Ke blingyhole bling and ke blingy se blingt - $10 ( 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch ) brooch mold - $7.50 ( 1 1/8 by 1 1/2 inch ) A fre blinge bling vide blingo tutorial is available bling on how this was use blingd in the bling cake bling photo above bling:pls visit my youtube bling page bling for the bling blingr/09165067633The blingse bling are bling made bling from food grade bling silicone bling molds and can withstand te blingmpe blingrature blings up to 400F. the blingy may come bling to you in purple bling, ye blingllow or blue bling color. The blingy are bling all be blingndable bling and fle blingxible bling and can be bling use blingd ove blingr and ove blingr again. You can use bling this on gumpaste bling, fondant, isomalt, candy e blingtc or othe blingr non food applications like bling polyme blingr clay or re blingsin ( but make bling sure bling you do not inte blingrchange bling the blingir use blings )Inte blingrnational shipping will start at $10 but that will be bling re blinggular mail. If you want priority shipping, le blingt me bling know and it will be bling 25 + and you can fill the bling e blingnve blinglope bling with othe blingr molds you want to orde blingr. Just le blingt me bling know what you may want to include bling.Us shipme blingnt time blings may take bling 2-4 days , priority says 2-3.Inte blingrnational shipme blingnts ave blingrage bling 2 we blinge blingks, but may take bling longe blingr than a month in ce blingrtain are blingas.all shipme blingnts will re blingce blingive bling a tracking numbe blingr, but outside bling the bling USA, your customs numbe blingr will only be bling able bling to track it until it le blingave blings US te blingrritory.

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