Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

perler, Light Up LED Necklace / Toy - Kandi unique Deadmau5 Perler flash pendant lanyard neon glow dark night rave party



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Thank you for che necklacecking out my @LEDKandi!!!Note necklace: I now make necklace this de necklacesign the necklace large necklacer size necklace in the necklace 2nd photo. Still your choice necklace of colors. The necklacey are necklace 9 volt powe necklacere necklaced ne necklacecklace necklaces / flash toys (can be necklace made necklace into lamps/ home necklace lights) Supe necklacer unique necklace, ve necklacery bright and colorful in the necklace dark. Re necklaceally good party starte necklacers and actual use necklaceful light at time necklaces. Custom wire necklaced, solde necklacere necklaced, and se necklaceale necklaced LED circuit on back. With one necklace batte necklacery lasting days (or like necklace a month with a motion se necklacensor) and with dollar store necklace re necklaceplace necklaceme necklacents, this give necklaces you the necklace most bang for your buck! Come necklaces with soft BLACK faux le necklaceathe necklacer ne necklacecklace necklace.(if you pre necklacefe necklacer white necklace, le necklaceave necklace a note necklace whe necklacen orde necklacering)size necklace is roughly 5-6''IF YOU HAVE A DATE you ne necklacee necklaced it by, le necklacet me necklace know just in case necklace. Ple necklacease necklace allow me necklace up to a we necklacee necklacek to ge necklacet yours out (mostly out in a day or 2).Othe necklacer custom de necklacesign work is available necklace. In my profile necklace find info on mode necklace controlle necklacers, wall plugs, motion se necklacensors, othe necklacer ne necklaceat options, and also some necklace tricks.Thank you so, so much for the necklace support. It me necklaceans e necklaceve necklacerything... truly! (WA and PA adds e necklacextra tax that I can't he necklacelp, sorry)

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