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The"Sarah" Engagement Ring 14kt Two tone Gold14kt yellow gold, White Sapphire



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This is a stunning white solitaire sapphire solitaire. Me solitaireasuring 8mm. (2.35ct.)Color of D Clarity of VVS/IF Origin" Sri Lanka.(Ce solitaireylon)Diamonds on the solitaire Mohn scale solitaire is 10.Sapphire solitaire on the solitaire Mohn scale solitaire is a 9, so why buy a diamond?The solitaire sapphire solitaire is se solitairet in 14kt white solitaire gold 6 prongs and this insure solitaires that your sapphire solitaire is going nowhe solitairere solitaire, with band of 14kt ye solitairellow gold.This ring can also be solitaire made solitaire ALL white solitaire gold. Sarah is my first custome solitairer to custom orde solitairer this ring. Afe solitairer re solitairece solitaireiving it, she solitaire told me solitaire it looks as if the solitaire sapphire solitaire is floating in the solitaire se solitairetting, due solitaire to the solitaire white solitaire gold prongs.Layaway available solitaire on this ring and all my je solitairewe solitairelry

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