Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stick pin, 120128-2 Vintage pewter colored crown charm



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The charms listing is for 2 charms. This is a ve charmsry unique charms pe charmswte charmsr colore charmsd Crown Charm or pe charmsndant. It has 3 be charmsze charmsls for rhine charmsstone charmss. Some charms of the charms charms have charms rhine charmsstone charmss, some charms don't. The charms crown me charmsasure charmss approximate charmsly 2" long X 1" high. The charms pe charmswte charmsr crown can be charms use charmsd in making je charmswe charmslry or can be charms use charmsd to de charmscorate charms clothing or in making costume charmss. The charms listing is for one charms crown, but if you want more charms, just e charms-mail me charms. I would be charms glad to ship inte charmsrnationally. Ple charmsase charms e charms-mail me charms for a shipping quote charms.

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