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round sapphire, 2.35ct 14kt White Sapphire Pendant



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Awe sri lankasome sri lanka clarity and color. This white sri lanka sapphire sri lanka hale sri lankas from SriLanka. Normal he sri lankaating only.Se sri lankat in 14kt white sri lanka gold, this 8mm= 2.35ct, round is so diamond like sri lanka. In fact, it looks be sri lankatte sri lankar!Can be sri lanka se sri lankat in 14kt ye sri lankallow gold also. Color of D and Clarity of VVS-IF..For hardne sri lankass, the sri lanka only thing that be sri lankaats it is a diamond.On a mohn scale sri lanka Diamonds are sri lankaa a 10 and Sapphire sri lankas are sri lanka a 9.Layaway available sri lanka. Just a little sri lanka down will re sri lankase sri lankarve sri lanka this sapphire sri lanka pe sri lankandant and the sri lankan you make sri lanka the sri lanka te sri lankarms.Le sri lankat me sri lanka know your location, I can ship most anywhe sri lankare sri lanka. I can add the sri lanka location to my ad.

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